Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas =]

I felt like i raked it in this Christmas, I was truly happy with almost every item I received.

I got a twin sheet set from shabby chic for when I get my bunk bed...I know it's childish but I'm really looking forward to the bunk bed, it means there will be more space for me and my room-mate.
 I also got mary kay satin lips set. It comes with lip mask and lip balm. I like it a lot because it scrubs off all the dead skin on  your lips- but you have to be careful, too much use will dry your lips out. I also got some cherry lip gloss which I love as well.
 I also got some new ear buds in my favorite color! Green!
And I got this really good smelling perfume from my cousin, Emi! =]

for some reason the picture of that one wont upload correctly...oh well. It's a nice scent, reminds me of something- but I'm not sure what.



  1. That was a great Christmas! I've heard great things about the Mary Kay Satin Lips set, as well as the Mary Kay Satin Hands set, so do let us know how the Mary Kay lips set is! :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment! :) I have that Mary Kay lip set too. It's FAB and a total life-saver in the winter.

    - kyki xx


  3. Wow!! Great Christmas stuff!!
    I would love to try those MK!!
    Love from a new follower here!

  4. the mary kay lips stuff is really awesome, makes my lips feel really smooth :) and the satin hands is just as awesome, but i've yet to order some.

    Thank you for the lovely comments, and following my blog! :D

  5. I love bunk beds, lucky lol